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Our global temperature is rising, but the solution to climate change may be at our feet. Err, under our feet. Regenerative agriculture, or carbon farming, is a growing solution for reducing carbon output and preventing droughts.

As stewards of 300-acres of Mariposa mountain terrain, we’re starting our journey towards a thriving ecosystem to produce food for those in need and use agriculture for engagement, employment, and empowerment. 


The Happy Goat

Mt. Bullion

Mariposa Ca.

This Is How We Do It

We're Carbon Farmers

Carbon farming removes excess carbon from the atmosphere by storing it in the soil (where it helps plants grow). This requires agricultural practices that increase the rate at which carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and converted to organic matter. 

At Happy Goat, we’re utilizing no-till farming, mulching, composting, livestock rotation, and cover crops to trap carbon in the soil. Simply put, we leave the soil alone and feed it well so it grows healthier. 


That healthy soil will trap more carbon and grow better food.

Slow Down Goats at Work,

We can’t maintain 300-acres of land on our own. Our herd of goats aren’t just adorable (but, they are adorable), they’re essential!

Through rotational grazing, the goats cut back plants and produce compost to feed our soil. 

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