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​The Happy Goat is co-founded by three very different individuals. And just like healthy soil, diversity is the key to making it work! We’ve got a shared vision and unique ideas about how to bring it to life; each of us is working to engage various potential stakeholders.


Jessie's a sixth-generation farmer from Mariposa, John is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with a passion for education, and massive goat fanboy, Willie is a successful tech entrepreneur and lover of animals. His face is familiar to our YouTube viewers. And Jace keeps everything running. 

As a 501c3 non-profit, our mission is to be part of the change: directly in our own ecosystem and indirectly as an example of regenerative agriculture. We’re investing in resort-like infrastructure to support our fundraising and educational goals. At every step, we’re innovating. 


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We’ve selected Farmer D, a nationally recognized biodynamic farm designer for our plan. For 25 years, they’ve built community farms and gardens inspired by the lifecycle of growth. Each project mimics the organic cycle of natural growth.
With their expertise, we’ll plot our no-till carbon farm and architect our upcoming build-out. In the meantime, our goats will rotate through the land and graze back existing overgrowth.


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Camp Happy Goat

To empower children with an appreciation for agriculture, Camp Happy Goat will feature a variety of programming designed to connect with kiddos as future farmers, chefs, artisans, consumers, and community members. 

Programming will include daily lessons and summer camp at our STEAM greenhouse, harvest kitchen, and farm stand. All programming will be free of charge. 

Throughout the year alongside our kid’s programming, our Creator-in-Residence program will host creators across skillsets to support our mission. 

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Happy Goat Central

Perched mountainside above the farm, the home will be host to events that support our efforts and that of our partners, slated for completion in Summer 2022.

Our two 5,000-sq ft “barns” designed in matching architecture are available to host events of any size. And our private outdoor restaurant will be serving up world-class dinners from world-class chefs. 

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Happy Goat Products

Newman’s Own, a nationally recognized and broadly loved food brand, has been focused on marrying business with philanthropy. 100% of Newman’s Own profit is donated to charity — making the world a better place, one grocery receipt at a time. 

We have a similar plan — with a twist. Each of our Happy Goat Farm products (dressings, sauces, honey products from our bee farm, and much more) will be co-created and branded with a partner… famous chefs, athletes, and actors.


100% of the proceeds from that product will be used to help finance the hard work of other changemakers in our ecosystem of collaborators.

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