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Learn About Regenerative Agriculture

Join us to learn about carbon farming’s impact on climate change. 


To Watch

Kiss the Ground | Regenerative Agriculture
Available on Netflix

Kiss the Ground is a full-length documentary narrated by Woody Harrelson outlining the “new, old approach” to farming known as regenerative agriculture. 


The Biggest Little Farm | Regenerative Agriculture
Available On-Demand

The Biggest Little Farm is a full-length documentary about the eight-year process of John and Molly Chester moving their lives from the city to 200-acres of barren farmland. 


Place at the Table | Food Insecurity
Available on Prime Video

Place at the Table is a 2013-film about food insecurity and hunger in the United States. The film examines these macro issues through the stories of people experiencing food insecurity. 


To Read

“Making the Case for Regenerative Agriculture” | Regenerative Agriculture
Available on Modern Farmer

Katie Forrest outlines the role of animals (specifically ruminants like our goats) in feeding the earth for healthier soil and an improved future.

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